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Below you will find Notes for John Mathews, Henry Mathews, and Vincent Kidder, Goldsmiths of Dublin in the late 17th and early 18th centuries.

[pam garrett's comment] Over my years of research I have looked at several Mathews individuals and families that I thought might lead to the Ancestors of Catherine Mathews, wife of John Markham. My notes have become so unwieldy that I have felt need of entering these people, individually, into my database. I became interested in John Mathews and Henry Mathews, goldsmiths of Dublin in the early 1700's. Their lives in Dublin follow considerably after the time period when I am looking for ancestors for my own Mathews family. But, I became curious enough to wonder if they might be descendants of the same Mathews family that I am looking for. John Mathews and Henry Mathews both served as Wardens of the Goldsmiths Guild in Dublin. As I looked at them further, I became curious about Vincent Kidder who was a Master of the Goldsmiths Guild in the years preceeding John and Henry Mathews' service. Because the name "Vincent Mathews" is of considerable importance to my own search - I decided to explore further. I did not recognize any connection for John and Henry Mathews, with Vincent Kidder. I also did not find a connection for Vincent Kidder with the family of Henry Vincent merchant of London.

The Goldsmith's Company of Dublin; HF Berry, 1902
List of the Masters and Wardens compiled from the Journals
1693 - 1696; Vincent Kidder, warden
1697; Vincent Kidder, master
1707; Edward Slicer, master - Benjamin Racine, Mortagh Dowling, John Mathews, wardens
1708; Thomas Browne master - Mortagh Dowling, John Mathews, Edward Workman, wardens
1709; Mortagh Dowling, master - John Mathews, Edward Workman, William Archdall, wardens
1710; Benjamin Racine, master - Edward Workman, William Archdall, Francis Girard, wardens
1711; Thomas Billing, master; William Archdall, John Hamilton, Henry Mathews, wardens note - Henry Mathews died, on 11 Sept 1712, Philip Tough elected in his stead)
1712; Edward Workman, master; John Hamilton Philip Tough, John Pallet, wardens

List of Goldsmiths for whom plate was assayed in Dublin 1638 - 1811; Compiled by by Mr Dudley Westropp
1694 - Vincent Kidder, Christopher Wright
1697 - John Matthews
1701 - John Matthews
1702 - John Matthews
1705 - John or Thomas Matthews
1707 - John Matthews Jr, John or Hy (Henry) Matthews Sr

List of Quarter Brothers and Journeymen who worked in Dublin from 1761.
Quarter Brothers (sometimes called "Foreigners" a comprehensive term which included all goldsmiths who were not "freemen" of the Company), were time expired apprentices and immigrant goldsmiths who were allowed to work and enjoy certain privileges by paying quarterly contributions to the funds of the Company.
1692 - John Matthews
1702 - Thomas Matthews
1712 - Richard Matthews

Freedmen of the Dublin Goldsmiths
James Vanderbeck; freedom 1637, death 1642 (any connection to Peter Mathews in London???)
Ferdinand Matthews; freedom 1670; death 1681
Vincent Kidder; freedom 1690, death 1735
John Matthews; freedom 1700, death 1733
Henry Matthews; freedom 1706, death 1712

Henry Matthews mark on a communion paten inscribed to New St Mary's Church, Dublin, 1705.

Enrollment of Apprentices, Dublin Goldsmiths
Those apprenticed to John Matthews:
1703 - John Tute (Tuit), son of James Tute, Drogheda merchant; moved to London in 1723
1706 - James Cole, son of James Cole, late of England, gent
1706 - William Patten, son of William Patten, Drogheda, gent

Possible clues to consider -
The Register of St. Nicholas Without, Dublin 1694-1739
5 Sept 1713 - Henery Mathews child, from New roe (burial)
14 Mar 1714-15 - John Mathews, of Francis street (burial)
20 Sept 1715 - Catherine Mathews, from New street (burial)
28 Mar 1716-17 - Catherine Matthews, from Francis st (burial)

Kidder Notes:
Christening at St Michael's, Stamford, Lincolnshire, of the children of George Kidder:
Thomas Kydder, 24 Dec 1609 (probably child by first wife)
Robert Kidder, 25 July 1613
Katharine Kidder, 7 June 1615
Jayne Kidder, 26 April 1617
Anne Kidder 18 Sept 1618
Vincent Kidder, 17 Feb 1619
Susanna Kider, 14 Mar 1621

George Kidder married Jane Ramesden, 24 Feb 1611, North Luffenham, Rutland county, England

Extracts from the Parish Registers of Saint Michael's Stamford, Lincolnshire
Jane Kidder, the wyff of George Kidder, buried, Jan 1610-11
Katharine Ramsden the widow of Mr Robert Ramsden buried 5 Dec 1612
Vincent Langton, son of of Richard Langton bapt 2 Aug 1614 (died in September)
George Kidder buried February 1622-3
a few entries below:
Jarvis Vincent buried August 9 1638
Jarvis Vincent buried July 9 1639

note accompanying the burial of Jane Kidder - The husband of this lady was an Haberdasher, and took up his freedom 10 Jan., 2 Jac. 1. He gained a seat in the Council Chamber as a capital burgess in the next year, owing probably to the provisions of the Charter of James 1st, as I find in the Municipal books no record of his beeing elected to that post. In the 17 and 18 Jac. 1st, he served the office of Chamberlain; on the 30th Aug., 19th Jac. 1, he was elected a Comburgess in the place of John Elmes, Esq., dec., and was dec. in 21 Jac.1, as on the 28 Aug. in that year, Robert Collington, butcher, a capital burgess, was elected a comburgess in his room. I am inclined to believe that Mr. Kidder took to himself a second spouse, and by marrying the widow, Richard Dannald, haberdasher, was allowed at a common hall, 31 Oct. 1627, to take up his freedom upon this somewhat primitive terms. The "terms" upon which he obtained the privilege was on payment of xxs. (the regulation figure being 5) & to take to wife Jane, the widow of Geo. Kidder, late a comburgess, dec. The Corporation in thus meeting Mr. Dannald "half-way" towards obtaining at a cheap rate the desired boon, estimated the value of the widow at 3 | Vincent Kidder, no trade named, took up his freedom 9 Oct., 1656. In the parish registers of Easton, near Stamford, I found the following entry under the head of marriages:-"1645. Robert faucett, gent., and Jane Kidder, June ye 12."

1659 Irish Census
Queens County - Barony of Stradbally
Tituladoes; Townland
John Dodd gent; Rathinsky
William Cosby gentle; Garimadock
John Poordom gentle; Killeenes
Francis Brereton gentle; Kilmurry
George Williams gent; Bellareader
Vincent Kidder gentle; Kilrory
Oliver Wailsh gentle; Ballikilcovan
Benjamin Worsly Esq, John Rawlins Esq; Tymogue
William Hetherington gent, Richard Hetherington gent, Walter Butler gentl, James Butler gent; Cloghpook
Richard Brereton gent; Loghleage
George Reynolds gent; Muney
John Pigett gentle; Rahinduff

portion of a letter written by Thomas Kidder in the early 1800's:
note - genealogical letters written by Thomas Kidder of London to Samuel Kidder, Apothecary, Charlestown, Mass.
. . . Vincent Kidder, the son of George Kidder of Maresfield, Sussex, a yeoman was a silversmith in London and at the time your ancestor most probably left England he joined the Parliament Army and in the course of events went to the reduction of Ireland where he married Ellen Loftus, granddaughter of Sir Thomas Loftus of Killin Co. of Meath fourth son of Adam Loftus Archbishop of Dublin and Lord Chancellor of Ireland 1548 (See Lodges, Peerage and Others.) July 10, 1668 Vincent Kidder had granted him and his assigns 901 acres and 26 perches at Roches Town in the county Kilkenny Auditor General's office. He left two sons living and six daughters. Vincent's second son was also a silversmith a lieutenant in Cottinghams Company at the battle of Boynes Master of the Goldsmith Company. 1696, Colonel of the Dublin Militia and besides was the assay master for proving the standard of the Gold and Silver articles that were made in Dublin. A whole length picture of him is in the Goldsmith Hall holding in his right hand an assay with the word Standard wrote upon it. Adam his eldest brother and him both died intestate 1736. Their sisters and husbands administered to their effects. My father his last and only child living was then not ten years old and at school at Wicklow. He was put to a tanner and when his time was expired came from thence to Lancashire married and went into business having eight children of whom I am the fifth. I have two sisters living one of the name Stover the other Crosby. Excuse all haste, Thomas Kidder, 33 Wood St. London note - Thomas Kidder, the writer of these letters, died Nov. 23,1829 aged 66 and was buried at Maresfield, The Church Parish Register records the death and burial times.

portion of a letter written by James Crosby in 1855:
From James Crosby; 3, Church Court, Old Jury, London; February 9, 1855.
Sir, I take the liberty, and I hope you will excuse it, of asking whether in your collections relating to the residents in Dublin you have any particulars of a family of English descent of the name of Kidder. My maternal ancestor, Vincent Kidder (the second son of Vincent Kidder, of Aghaboe, in the Queen's County), was a Dublin citizen, a member of the Corporation about 1696, Master of the Goldsmiths' Company in that year, and High Sheriff of the County of the City of Dublin in 1718. He died in 1736 . . note - Aghaboe, or Aughavoe, is a civil parish in County Laois (Queens).

note on Vincent Kidder - He joined the Parliamentary Forces under Cromwell for the subjugation of Ireland, and fought with great distinction, winning through his energetic and meritorious service the rank of major and a grant of a thousand acres of land at Rochestown, County Kilkenney, in 1668. note - Rochestown, Iverk, Kilkenny county, Ireland

Vincent Kidder, official maker of Money Weights, was buried in St. Werburgh's Church [Dublin] (Auw. 1736).

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Biography of John Mathews; written by Pamela Hutchison Garrett for John Markham of Chesterfield website; 2015.