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[pam garrett's comment] Over my years of research I have looked at several Mathews individuals and families that I thought might lead to the Ancestors of Catherine Mathews, wife of John Markham. My notes have become so unwieldy that I have felt need of entering these people, individually, into my database. I became interested in Peter Mathews and his brother Baldwin Mathews, prominent merchants of London. It seemed like they could be tied up with some of the same business activities that the Fletcher and Vincent families pursued in London. I have never come up with anything suggesting a connection to my own Mathews family. It continues of interest that Peter Mathews, London merchant, had a son Peter Mathews who was christened in London in 1650. I have not been able to learn more about him. This Mathews (Mattheus) family is of Dutch descent, possibly coming to England (Norwich and London) in the late 1500s. They have significant connections to New Netherland (New York). I find this story so interesting that I am hanging on to it for future reference!

Children of Baldwin Mathews (Bauduwijn Mattheus) at Austin Friars Church (Dutch), London:
[his wife is Anna Regoot]
Mauritius Mattheus; 5 Sept 1613
Anna Mattheus; 30 April 1615
Petrus Mattheus; 23 Mar 1617
Sarah Mattheus; 31 Jan 1619
Baldwin (Balduinus) Mattheus; 2 July 1620
Joannes Mattheus; 25 Aug 1622
Maria Mattheus; 16 Jan 1625

[pam garrett's comment] Anna Regoot was first married to Baldwin Mathews (Boudewijn Mattheuszen), cloth merchant, about 1613. After his death she was secondly married to Paul Ganne, a prosperous London cloth merchant. Ganne died in 1637 and his Will is of record. A very interesting account of Anna Regoot's family connections is given in Elva Kathleen Lyon's, "The Darling Strangers and English Appetities: Technology Transfer and European Cultural Barriers in the Early Modern Atlantic World", a dissertation published in 2010, and available online. In a summation statement, Lyon remarks, "The extensive reconstitution of the family network around the baptismal witnesses Jacob de Key and Anna Regoot in New Amsterdam [New York] for the little girl Abigail led to connections between New Netherland, Haarlem, Leiden, Rotterdam, Virginia, and the stranger communities in London and Norwich, and involved cloth and fur merchants, carpenters, and an architect, among others." Lyon also states, "Anna Regoot also had family in Norwich in England, named in her will. The will connects her to the Verbrugges who were principally in Haarlem, London, and New Netherland . . ."

Will of Paul Ganne of Saint George Botolph Lane, City of London; 21 September 1637; PROB 11/175/84; held by National Archive, Kew.

[pam garrett's further comment] The mention above of Anna Regoot's family in Norwich, makes me curious about these records:
Petrus Mattheus married Agnis Arnie; 23 Feb 1579; St Stephen, Norwich
Will of Peter Mattheus; 23 December 1588; PROB 11/73/181; held by National Archive, Kew.

(listed consecutively)
1617, July 12; Baldwin Mathewes, born beyond the seas.
1617, Sept. 18; Giles van Burgh, born beyond the seas.
note following - Giles Vanbrugh. (Bill only reached the committee stage in the Commons on the 13th Jan, 1628.)
1638; Sept. 14. Peter Mathewes, Baldwin Mathewes, Abraham du Blas, Mary Boys, all born in foreign parts, being part of the denizations granted to David Alexander.
note following - Baldwin Matthews, born at Midleburgh in Zealand, son of Baldwin Matthews.
[source] Letters of denization and acts of naturalization for aliens in England and Ireland

[pam garrett's comment] This mention of Midleburgh is interesting. This is today's Middelburg in the province of Zeeland (Zealand) in the Netherlands. Middleburgh is part of a network of places where the Mathews family lived and did business. Christening records suggest that Peter Mathews (b. 1617) and Baldwin Mathews (b. 1620) were christened at the Dutch Church in London, but the naturalization and denezation records claim Baldwin Mathews birth in Midleburgh, Zealand. It is of interest to note a connection between Norwich England and Middleburgh Zeeland. In 1565 Queen Elizabeth invited twenty-four Dutch weavers to settle in Norwich - allowing them to escape religious persecution, while strengthening Norwich's cloth industry. The Dutch population grew quickly and considerably in Norwich. About 1580 a Separatist preacher, Robert Browne, established considerable influence among the Dutch in Norwich, and about 1582 his congregation removed with him to Middleburgh Zeeland to found a new church. Was the Mathews family among these Norwich settlers, turned Brownists? Or, was the Mathews family attracted to Middleburgh only by the business prospects? During this period "Middelburg became, after Amsterdam, the most important center for the Dutch East India Company."

1624, 7 Jan; Certificate by Trinity House; At the request of his brother Robert Mathew, the bearer, they certify their knowledge that Peter Mathew, merchant of London, was homeward bound from Aveiro in Portugal in the, Hope for Grace of Preston [? Prestonpans] in Scotland (about 80 tons), Thomas Short of Preston master, which was laden with salt and oil, when on 6 June last, having sailed not above 15 leagues, the ship was surprised by a Turkish man-of-war. Mathew lost his whole estate, and was taken to Sallee in Barbary where the captain of the Turkish ship sold him for 350 Barbary ducats which at 8s a ducat amounts to £140. He lives in misery in iron chains, is forced to grind in the mill like a horse all day long, is fed on bread and water, and insufficient of that, and is tortured to make him turn Turk. A great ransom has been set on him which, because of his losses, he cannot procure without charitable aid. Robert Salmon, master; Walter Cooke, John Davis, John Vassall, William Case, Thomas Best, Rowland Coytmore, Jo. Bennett, M. Geere, Samuel Doves.
[source] 'Transactions - vol. 1: 1624-5', in Trinity House of Deptford Transactions, 1609-35 London Record Society 19, ed. G G Harris (London, 1983), pp. 58-65 [accessed 13 February 2015].
[pam garrett's question] Does this Peter Mathew and his brother Robert Mathew have any connection here?

Peter Baldwin Matthews (1617 - 1677) married Sara VanBrugh about 1640 in London. She was the daughter of Giles Vanbrugh and Maria Jacobs. -from a family record

Christenings for the children of Peter Mathews (Pieter Mattheus) at Austin Friars Church (Dutch), London:
Johannes Mattheus; 3 Nov 1640
Petrus Mattheus; 18 Sept 1645

Christenings for the children of Peter Mathews and Sarah [Vanbrugh] at St Martin Orgar, London:
Anne Mathewes; 12 Sep 1641
Anne Mathews; 3 Sep 1643
Sarah Mathewes; 28 Jun 1646
Mary Mathewes; 1 Sep 1648
Peter Mathews; 13 Nov 1650
Cornelia Mathews; 16 May 1652
Baldwin Mathews; 30 Sep 1653

Christenings for the children of Peter Mathews at St Lawrence Pountney, London:
Elizabeth Mathewes; 12 Sep 1656
Susan Mathewes; 14 Mar 1657
Anne Mathewes; 6 April 1662
[pam garrett's comment] I am not certain these christenings at St Lawrence Pountney represent the same Peter Mathews whose children were christened at St Martin Orgar.

Christenings for the children of Baldwin Mathews (Boulewijn Mattheus) at Austin Friars Church (Dutch), London:
Sara Mattheus; 21 Jun 1646
Cornelia Mattheus; 16 May 1652
Susanna Mattheus; 14 Mar 1658

1643, 16 Feb; Wm Gore, merchant, Candlewick Ward; Order in the Committee for Examinations to apprehend Wm. Gore and Rich. Elton, and bring them to answer objections against them . . . 1644, 7 June; The house wherein Gore lately lived in St. Martin's Lane, having been sequestered for non-payment of . . . 1644, 9 Sept; Peter Matthews to be allowed to view his goods in the cellar, and sell them . . . 1644, 11 Sept; The goods of Peter Matthews and John Roberts in Mr. Gore's house to be delivered them, on their giving security to abide the committee's orders as to the house.

1653; St John (ship); owners - Arnold Beake, Peter Mathews, John Dolins ; master - Roger Clauson, a Fleming; factors mentioned - Martin (Martyne) and Henry Domez, at Nantes.
depositions -
Samuel Beake (son of Arnold, 10 Oct 1653)
James Hedgethorne, servant and kin to Arnold Beake, 10 Oct 1653
Peter Som (Soen?), servant (cashere) to Peter Mathews, 14 Oct 1653 (statement suggests he is not related to Peter Mathews)
indicates - The ship the St John was bought by Arnold Beake and Peter Mathews for 490-07-00 sterling, and paid with a bill of exchange drawn from Holland on Peter Mathews by order of one Mr Anthins de ?Sondt.

1654; The 10 day of January 1654:- Peter Cock and Bladwin Matthewes for their silver in the shipp Saint John Baptist et cetera. Examined upon the said Allegation. Peter Matthewes of London Merchant aged 37 yeares [b. abt. 1617] or thereabouts a Wittnes sworne and examined deposeth as followeth - To the first article of the said Allegation hee saith, That hee this deponent hath by credible relation heard, and by letters of advise, which hee hath seene and perused hath observed that the arlate Peter de Cock and Baldwin Matthewes did in the yeare 1653 . . cause to bee laden by their factors or agents residing at Cadiz in And aboard the shipp the Saint John Baptist . . To the second hee saith, That the arlate Peter de Cock was and is this deponents Cousin, and a native, as hee beleeveth of the Citie of Gant in fflanders where hee hath by and of this deponents knowledge resided and inhabited for about 12. yeares last past . . And saith that the arlate Baldwin Matthewes, who is this deponents owne brother, was and is an Englishman borne and a Subject of this Commonwealth . . doeth hold correspondence in trade with the said Peter de Cock . . To the second hee sith hee hath knowne the interrate Peter [?deCock] for about twelve yeares last past by Correspondencie in trade, and hath knowne the interrate Baldwin Mathewes his brother from his Childhood. . . To the 4th hee saith, That the interrate Baldwin Mathewes hath for most of the time interrate been a traveller and hath remained in severall parts beyond the Seas, and now liveth in this City of London . . To the 15th hee saith hee this rendent is a Native of this City of London, and hath no manner of interest in the silver now Claymed . Peter Mathews . .

1657; The sixth of October 1657; Vanbroughs and Nicholas against the Abrahams Offering and Rois Smith. Suckley; Baldwin Mathewes of Middleborowe Merchant aged 37 yeares [b. abt 1620] or thereabouts sworne and exámined.
[pam garrett's comment] Note the mention of Middleborowe (Middleburgh, Zeeland).

1657, September 22; Anthony Bateman, Skinner; S. 1658-9; [Sworn Sept. 24] (fn. 106); Removed to Dowgate, Sept 1659.
[Nominated: Aldermen Sir J. Wollaston and Ireton, Peter Mathewes (Mercer)]
[source] Alfred P Beaven, 'Aldermen of the City of London: Farringdon ward without', in The Aldermen of the City of London Temp. Henry III - 1912 (London, 1908), pp. 153-165 [accessed 13 February 2015].

1658; Will of Peter Mathewes, Merchant of Saint Lawrence Pountney, City of London; 08 March 1658; PROB 11/274/94; held by National Archives, Kew.
[pam garrett's comment] I am not sure on the identity of this Peter Mathews. He seems likely to be connected to the Peter Mathews who christened his children at Saint Lawrence Pountney between 1656-1662.

1659; Peter Mathews, of London, Merchant, aged 42; Aprill 22:th 1659; Examined - To the 14th arle of the said Allon (upon wch alone hee is by direccon of Mr Smith Examined) hee saith and deposeth that hee well knowes the arlate John Scrauternel, and soe hath done for theise four or five and twenty yeeres last, during all wch time of this depots Knowledge of him, hee the said Schauteruel hath lived at Amsterdam . . To the first hee saith hee was not one of ye Company of ye sho (?ship) ye Hope, And saith hee this Depot was borne in this City & here hath lived for theise ?tenne yeeres last, and us here married and to the rest Negatively . .

1659 . . . 23d and 24th days of September 1659, the said rectory and church [St Lawrence Pountney], advowson, tithes, and hereditaments, were well devised to, and became legally vested in Peter Webster, Clothworker; Peter Mathews, Mercer; Henry Richards, Merchant Taylor; John Harbin, Merchant; William Richardson, Fishmonger; Thomas Richardson, Grocer; Roger Locke, Dyer; Michael Godfrey, Merchant; Richard Cheshire, Dyer; Joseph Hamon, Merchant; George Blighton, Clothworker; Robert de Luna, Merchant; Monyn Harbin, Dyer; Joseph Prickman, Skinner; Daniel Matthews, Merchant; Edward Sherwood, Maltster; and Jones Griffith, Merchant Taylor, inhabitants of the said parish, their heirs and assigns for ever.
[source] A History of the Parish of St. Laurence Pountney, London, including . . ; Harry Bristow Wilson, 1831.

1662 Hearth Tax; St Martin's Orgars Precinct (London) 1662 Peter Mathews (and Bauldwin Mathews) 10 Hearths

1663, December 17 (fn. 63); Francis Meynell, Goldsmith (S. 1661-2.), From Aldersgate; Died Oct 6, 1666. [Nominated: Alderman Sir A. Bateman (Lord Mayor), J. Risley, Peter Mathews (Mercer)]
[source] Alfred P Beaven, 'Aldermen of the City of London: Cordwainer ward', in The Aldermen of the City of London Temp. Henry III - 1912 (London, 1908), pp. 113-120 [accessed 13 February 2015].

1666 Hearth Tax; St Andrew Holborn
Peter Mathewes, 4 Hearths

1675, 9 June; Russell's Naturalisation Bill; Certificates that the following persons had received the Sacrament; Baldwin Matthews. (among others)

1677; Will of Peter Mathews, Merchant and Mercer of London; 28 May 1677; PROB 11/354/138; held by National Archives, Kew.

1682, Feb 24; Nicholas Dyer of Barking Essex, schoolmaster, bachelor, about 37, and Mrs Sarah Matthews, of St Andrews Holborn, London, widow, about 50, at the Temple.
[pam garrett's comment] Is this Sarah VanBrugh, widow of Peter Mathews? If so, she would probably be closer to age sixty.

Elias Vander Beke (b. ?, d. ca. 1666) was the brother and commercial partner of Arnold Vander Beke (b. ?, d. ca. 1675). The two brothers resided in St George Botolph Lane, and appeared there in the London 1666 Hearth Tax return in adjacent buildings . .The Vander Beke brothers appear relatively frequently in HCA records in the 1650s and 1660s. These records show that they were active in trading with Bourdeaux and other French ports, in commodities such as wine and vinegar. Arnold Vander Beke appears also to have partnered commercially with Peter Mathews, a London merchant, also in trade between London and France.

1700; Copy of proceedings of the Admiralty Court, Hampton Town, May 11-15th, 1700, at the trial and condemnation of the French ship, the Peace, which had piratically seized and robbed the Baltimore pink, John Loveday, master; the George, sloop, Joseph Forest, master; the Pennsylvania Merchant, Samuel Harrison, master; the Indian King, Edward Whitaker, master; and the Nicholson, Robert Lurting, master. Endorsed, Recd. 18th July, 1700. 11¼ pp.
Related depositions:
Copies of depositions of Edmund Ashfeild, Joseph Forest, Samuel Harris, Samuel Harrison, Samuel Blewit, Edward Grey, Rowland Thomas, Edward Whitaker, Samuel Crutchfeild, Baldwin Mathewes, William Woolgar, Peter Shaw, Francis Warrell, Joshua Atkinson, Joseph Bigger, Thomas Watt, John Webb, Andrew Davison, John Galt, John Calwel, Robert Lurtin, John Limpany, George Livingston, Joseph Mann, Jos. Wood, Thomas Mourry, Wyboard Solley, and other sailors and prisoners, as to piratical acts of the ship La Paix. Same endorsement. 22½ pp.
[source] America and West Indies: June 1700, 6-10, in Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies, Volume 18, 1700, ed. Cecil Headlam (London, 1910), pp. 302-329 [accessed 13 February 2015].

[pam garrett's comment] Notes from the Admiralty County proceeding (above) caught my attention because, among the men giving depositions, I find the names Baldwin Mathewes and Robert Lurtin (Robert Lurting). The Baldwin Mathews listed here might be the son, born 1653 to Peter Mathews and Sarah VanBrugh. A narrative retelling of the above story is found at the Maryland Historical Society website, titled "A Pirate in the Chesapeake Bay". The story makes it clear that both, Robert Lurting and Baldwin Mathews were ship's captains, involved in the pirating incident. Robert Lurting is a character in my own Mathews story! Lurting settled in New York, served as a military captain alongside my own grandfather, Peter Mathews. They also served together as vestrymen of Trinity Church in New York City, and Robert Lurting was a witness to the Will of my grandfather, Peter Mathews. The suggestion that Robert Lurting and Baldwin Mathews might have been involved in business together is probably coincidental to Robert Lurting's association with my grandfather, Peter Mathews. But it is worth noting!

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Biographical Notes for Peter Mathews; compiled by Pamela Hutchison Garrett for John Markham of Chesterfield website; 2015.