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Timeline of Records: Abigail Vincent (married Benjamin Fletcher and Christopher Webster)

1596; Christopher Webster, son of John of Wyer [Wyresdale], 31 My 1596.
[source] The Registers Of The Parish Church Of Cockerham, Lancaster County, 1595-1657
note - Consider this possibility for Christopher Webster, second husband of Abigail Vincent.

1613; Abigaill Vincent; Christened 1 Nov 1613; Saint Stephan Coleman Street, London, London, England

1631?; In the Will of Margaret Touller, widow of St Martin, Ironmongerlane, London (about 1631) she names a number of cousins. Several of these cousins are the grandchildren of William Charke. Consider these notes from the Will -
cousins Henry, Dan, Jn & Esay Vincent;
cousins Henry Jackson, Thos Skynner, Ben Charke & Henry Burton;
cousin Ezekiel Charke & his son Ezekiel; pasture in Westham, Essex;
2 dtrs of cousin Fiske;
Rebecca, Abigail & Jeremy Vincent;
Sara & Thos Jackson;
Wlm son of Ben Charke;
exec cousin Ben Charke;
[source] Commissary Court of London; Will Abstracts Volume 26 (1629-1634)

1634; Abigale Vincent married Will. Fletcher; 8 Apr 634 Saint Martin Pomeroy, London, London, England.

1638; William Fletcher, son of William Fletcher, christened 13 March 1638 at St Lawrence Jewry, London England.
[source] Records of St Lawrence Jewry, London England; familysearch database.

1640; Benjamin Fletcher, son of William Fletcher, christened 14 May 1640 at St Lawrence Jewry, London England.
[source] Records of St Lawrence Jewry, London England; familysearch database.

1643; William Fletcher slain before Gloucester and buried at the Collegiate Church there; Funeral Entry Ulster Office from St Lawrence (Jewry?), London England.
[source] Burkes General Armory of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, 1884.

Note: Sometime between 1643-1652 Abigail Vincent, widow of William Fletcher, was secondly married to Christopher Webster. Her mother refers to her as "my Daughter Flessher" in September 1649.

1650; A statement from the Will of Dorcas Vincent, widow of London, written 15 Sept 1649, probated 19 January 1650:
Item I give to the four children of my Daughter Flessher the twenty pounds her father gave me if any due to her subscriber
Item I give my _____ to my Daughter Goss and to my Daughter Fletcher who have purchased at Fossing(?) Place

1652; Franckland vs Webster; Henry Franckl vs Christopher Webster and Abigail Webster; money maters; C 5/403/122.
[source] Held by National Archives, Kew.

1653, 19 July; Deposition by Christopher Webster, of Beckingham, in Kent, gentleman, aet 36 or thereabouts. He well knew Wm Flesher, of London, "linen draper", deceased, and Benjamin Flesher is his eldest son and heir. His father made no assignment by will of his Irish adventure. P Signed (Hol.) and certified and dated by Robt Aylett, Ibid. 238.
Certificate by Tibbs; Flesher's will does not bequeath his Irish adventure. It was proved 20 June 1645. P. 1.2; Signed (Hol.) Endd. Ibid 239.
[attached note] by W Tibbs; He has perused the last will of Wm Fletcher, of Mitcham, in Surrey, dated 1 Dec 1653, and proved 14 Jan 1653-4. It contains no bequest of his Irish adventure. Wm Fletcher, of Mitcham, is the eldest son and heir of the said Wm Fletcher; P.1 Signed (Hol.) by Tibbs and with note that Wm Fletcher the elder was free of the company of clothiers; P. Endd. SP Ireland 291, 121
[source] Calendar of the State Papers Relating to Ireland: Adventures for land, 1642-1659, Volume 4.

1654, London; Christopher Webster to Jarvis Fibbrand [Fairbane] I beg you, when you hear my son-in-law, Benjamin Flesher, called, to draw for him for a barony in Westmeath. P 1,. (Hol.) Endd: "Kilkney" [Kilkenny West]. S. P. Ireland 285, 133.
[source] Calendar of the State Papers Relating to Ireland: 1647-1660, and Addenda, 1625-1660, Volume 3; Great Britain. Public Record Office, 1908.

1656; In 1656 these feoffees, by direction of Rebecca Goss and Abigail and her husband Christopher Webster, citizen and merchant tailor, leased 5L, now a messuage known as the Black Dog, to Samuel White, citizen and ironmonger, who then occupied the messuage, for a term of 21 years from 1671 at 12 rent.
accompanying notes: Webster, Christopher (fl. 1656-68), cit. & merchant tailor, h. of Abigail [nee Fletcher]
[source] 'St. Martin Pomary 95/5', Historical gazetteer of London before the Great Fire: Cheapside; parishes of All Hallows Honey Lane, St Martin Pomary, St Mary le Bow, St Mary Colechurch and St Pancras Soper Lane (1987), pp. 137-149. URL: Date accessed: 30 December 2013
[pam garrett's comment] Rebecca Goss and Abigail Webster are sisters (nee Vincent). See considerably more on this property under Henry Vincent.

1659 Census of Ireland; Christopher Webster and James Dillon, gentleman; Kilkenny Barrony, Lowe Baskin Townland, Dromraney Parish, County Westmeath.

1664 Hearth Tax for County Kent
Christopher Webster, chargeable at Dartford

Dartford is the principal town in the Borough of Dartford, Kent, England. The town is situated on the border of Kent and Greater London, bordering the London Borough of Bexley. It also borders the Borough of Thurrock, Essex, via the Dartford Crossing of the River Thames and Gravesham to its east.
Beckenham is a post town and district of London in the London Borough of Bromley, England. It borders Beckenham Place Park and Bellingham in the London Borough of Lewisham.

FLETCHER (Low Bashir [Low Baskin], co Westmeath; Reg. Ulsters Office to Benjamin Fletcher, son and Heir of Col Benjamin Fletcher, Capt General and Gov in Chief of the province of New York...who was the son and heir of William Fletcher, Esq and Abigail Vincent, his wife, who was the daughter and heiress of Henry Vincent, esq of London)
Sa. a cross flory betw. four escallops ar. quartering VINCENT, viz, az. a chev. between three quatrefoils slipped ar. Crest--An arm in armour embowed holding in the gaunlet an arrow all ppr. point or. Motto-Per angustum.
[source] The General Armory of England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales: Comprising & Registry of Armorial Bearings from the Earliest to the Present Time; Bernard Burke; Harrison & Sons, 1864.

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