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Timeline of Records: Henry Vincent and Dorcas Charke

1590, about; [pam garrett's comment] Family records suggest that Henry Vincent was first married to Anne Elliott (Ellyot), and had a daughter Abigail Vincent, who was married to William Moseley in 1611. If this is correct, perhaps Henry Vincent and Anne Elliott were divorced, for she continues to appear in records long after Henry Vincent is married to Dorcas Charke. There are indications that Anne Elliott may have been married to John Elliott who died 1597-99. If this is correct, her maiden name may not be Elliott. Perhaps Anne Elliott had a child by Henry Vincent, but was not married to him. In this database, see more under Anne Elliott.

1600; London Subsidy; 3rd Subsidy granted 1597 assessment date 1 October 1600; Colmanstrete Warde, St Stephens parishe; . . . ffrancis Duncombe gent in land 30; Morris Abbott 20; John Bonner il 20; Nicholas Smith il 20; Alice Beeston widowe 5; Henry Vincent 8; William Nevell 5; Iohn Allen 4; Suzan Walker widowe 6 . . . [partial list - for the purpose of showing Henry Vincent's near neighbors]; PRO E179/146/408

1601; Lease by Nicholas Smyth of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, gentleman, to Henry Vincent, citizen and leather-seller of London, of a messuage with cellars, chambers, rooms, warehouses, yards, gardens, high casements, watercourses, and other appurtenances in the parish of St Stephen, Coleman Street, London, lately held by William Halliday, merchant, with free access through the gates of London, and a brick wall, for 73 7s, for 20 and a half years, for annual rent of one peppercorn on 25 December and 20. Seal of Henry Vincent. Attached, schedule of the messuage in the deed, including contents and value of the hall, the warehouse, the garden, the great parlour, the kitchen, the little parlour, the buttery, the cellar, the counting-house, the little chamber and the great chamber. Dorse, witnesses: John Mayle, Richard Stockdale, John Smith and John Petowe, servant to John Smith; 24 Feb 1601; WARD 2/62/241/83.
[source] Database of the National Archives at Kew.

1598-1615; Christenings of the children of Henry Vincent and Dorcas Clark:
Daniell Vincent; Christening 26 Nov 1598; Saint Margaret Lothbury, London, London, England
John Vincent; Christening 9 Oct 1603; Saint Stephan Coleman Street, London, London, England
Dorcas Vincent; Christening 6 April 1606; Saint Stephan Coleman Street, London, London, England
Esay Vincent; (m); Christening 27 Dec 1607; Saint Stephan Coleman Street, London, London, England
Rebecca Vincent; Christening 15 Dec 1611; Saint Stephan Coleman Street, London, London, England
Abigaill Vincent; Christening 1 Nov 1613; Saint Stephan Coleman Street, London, London, England
Jeremy Vincent; Christening 16 Jul 1615; Saint Martin Pomeroy, London, London, England

1609: Signatories of the Second Charter of Virginia, 1609; lengthy list includes - Henry Vincent
[pam garrett's comment] It is of interest that Henry Vincent's signature is followed by that of Thomas Ketley (Keightley). About this same time, Thomas Ketley (Keightley) appears in records with Anne Elliott - they jointly holding property in London. Thomas Keightley was born 1580 in Kinver, Staffordshire, and became an important figure in the Virginia Company.

1612; misc note - ". . . Vincent anciently Lovell, in which Henry Vincent and Edward Vincent are respectively described as of London and Kinfare in 1612 . . ."
[source] The Visitation of the County of Worcester Made in the Year 1569: With Other Pedigrees Relating to that County from Richard Mundy's Collection, Volume 27; Phillimore, Harleian Society, 1888.
[pam garrett's comment] Kinfare is the same as Kinver, Staffordshire and is the location of several families closely related to Henry Vincent.

[pam garrett's comment] Edward Vincent (mentioned above) is a likely brother of Henry Vincent. Edward Vincent married Agnes Bradley in 1581, at Kinfare, Staffordshire. consider - Bradley, of Oldswinford and Stourbridge; as impaled by Edward Vincent, of Kinfare, in right of Anne, his wife, daughter of Thomas Bradley, of Oldswinford, A.d. 1612. -Or, a fesse vert between three round buckles gules. (Add. MS., 19,816.)

1612-1613; Master of the Worshipful Company of Leathersellers - Henry Vincent.
1654; Master of the Worshipful Company of Leathersellers - Thomas Vincent (Alderman).
1657; Master of the Worshipful Company of Leathersellers - Thomas Skynner, 1657-1658.
[source] History and Antiquities of the Worshipful Company of Leathersellers, of the City of London; William Henry Black, E. J. Francis, 1871

1619; Signers of the New River Company Charter include Henry Vincent, of London, leatherseller. The New River Company, directed by Sir Hugh Myddelton, supported construction of the New River, "which brought fresh water from Chadwell and Amwell, some 20 miles north in Hertfordshire to New River Head, Islington."

1625 (about); Lyngen v Leathersellers Company; Plaintiffs - Walter Lyngen; Defendants - William Miller, George Hough, David Buckley, Robert Dickinson, Sir Edward Barkham, Richard Ironside, Richard Welby, Thomas Morley, Henry Vincent, James Heath, John Hewgar, Thomas Westcombe, John Bannett, Roger Bath, James Bownd, Anthony Theare, Edward Bromfield, George Humble and Christopher Eyres (Leathersellers Company); Subject - lease of messuage in the parish of St Helen Bishopsgate, London; Document type - [pleadings]; Date - 1603-1625; Reference - C 2/JasI/L18/2; Held by - The National Archives, Kew

1630; Slingsby Bethel (1617-1697), merchant and political economist, was baptized in Alne, in the North Riding of Yorkshire, a younger son of Sir Walter Bethel (d. 1622), gentleman, and Mary Slingsby (1582-1662) . . After the early death of his father, his mother's brother Sir Henry Slingsby emerged as a paternal surrogate. Slingsby arranged his nephew's apprenticeship to Henry Vincent, a member of the London Leathersellers' Company, in 1630.

1631 (about); Will of Margaret Touller - St Martin, Ironmongerlane, widow; cousins Henry, Dan, Jn & Esay Vincent; cousins Henry Jackson, Thos Skynner, Ben Charke & Henry Burton; cousin Ezekiel Charke & his son Ezekiel; pasture in Westham, Essex; . . . Rebecca, Abigail & Jeremy Vincent; Sara & Thos Jackson; Wlm son of Ben Charke . . exec cousin Ben Charke; wtns Rob Mollen, Jn Wright & Rich Somersall.
[source] Commissary Court of London; Will Abstracts Volume 26 (1629-1634);

1632; Ruth [Rebecca?] Vincent married Samuel Goss; St Martin, Pomeroy
1634; Abigail Vincent married William Fletcher; St Martin Pomeroy
[source] Boyd's Marriage Index for London.
note - Rebecca and Abigail Vincent are daughters of Henry Vincent and Dorcas Charke.

1636; Will of Daniell Vincent, Leatherseller and Merchant Adventurer of London 04 April 1636 PROB 11/170.
[source] Wills of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury;
note - Daniel Vincent is the likely son of Henry Vincent and Dorcas Charke.

1636; June 24, 1636 Hampton Court; The same to the Court of Assistants of the English merchants at Rotterdam. Enclose a petition of the creditors of Henry Vincent, Thomas Skinner, and Daniel Vincent, deceased, wherein they will perceive that 30,000 is owing to them, and that the greatest part of Vincent and Skinner's estates is in debts and merchandise in Hamburgh, Rotterdam, and other places beyond the seas, as also that with the liking of Vincent and Skinner, they authorized Thomas Clutterbuck to attach, in the hands of Robert Kilvert, all debts, moneys, &c, but Kilvert denied the delivery of the merchandise or giving an account. Request them to call Kilvert before them, and cause him to deliver an account of the estate of Vincent and Skinner, and if he refuse, to return a certificate that further course may be taken. [Draft. 1 p.]
[source] Calendar of State Papers: Preserved in the State Paper Department of Her Majesty's Public Record Office. 1636 - 1637, Volume 10; William Douglas Hamilton, Sophia C. Lomas, 1867.

1638; Will of John Vincent, Merchant of London 15 November 1638 PROB 11/178.
[source] Wills of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury;
note - John Vincent is the likely son of Henry Vincent and Dorcas Charke.

1638; Inhabitants, in 1638, of St Martin (St Martin Pomeroy), London; Mr Vincent, 2 houses
[source] Inhabitants of London in 1638: St. Martin, Ironmonger Lane, The inhabitants of London in 1638 (1931);

1638; Bill of Jeremy Vincent, son of Henry Vincent of London, merchant, to George Warner, servant to George Clarke, for 10; 11 Dec 1638; SP 46/189/3.
[source] Database - National Archives, Kew.

Goss, Rebecca (fl. 1656-68), wid., sis. of Abigail Fletcher, ?da. of Dorcas w. of Henry Vincent.
Vincent, Daniel (fl. 1630, d. c.1636), leatherseller, merchant adventurer, s. of Henry.
Vincent, Henry (fl. c.1617-31, d. by 1649), cit. & leatherseller, h. of Dorcas, f. of Daniel, f.-in-law of William Moseley.
[Vincent], Dorcas w. of (fl. 1630-49), wid. ?m. of Rebecca Goss, & Abigail Fletcher.
Moseley, William (fl. 1611, d. c.1617), cit. & leatherseller, s.-in-law of Henry Vincent, h. of Abigail.
[Moseley] Abigail w. of (fl. 1611, d. <1617), da. of Anne Elyott (Elliot).
[source] Index of Persons, Historical gazetteer of London before the Great Fire: Cheapside; parishes of All Hallows Honey Lane, St Martin Pomary, St Mary le Bow, St Mary Colechurch and St Pancras Soper Lane (1987). URL:; Date accessed: 19 September 2005.
note - Great Fire of London was in 1666.

1650; Will of Dorcas Vincent, Widow of London 19 January 1650 PROB 11/211.
[source] Wills of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury;

Vincent (Kinver, co Stafford and Stockton, co Worcester; stated to have been of the family of Lovell, Lord Lovell; one Vincent Lovell escaped from the battle of Stoke Field, 1487, and lived in concealment, whose "sonne called himself Vincent"; arms certified by Segar, Garter). Az, a chev, betw. three quatrefoils slipped ar. Crest - A talbot statant ar, eared or, collared and lined gu. the end. of the line tied in a bunch.
note - Vincent (impalement Fun. Ent. Ulster's Office, 1643 (?), William Fletcher, of London slain before the city of Gloucester, whose wife was Abigal, dau. and heir of Henry Vincent, Esq). Azl a chev. betw. three quatrefoils slipped ar.
[source] General Armory of the Ulster Office in Ireland

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Timeline of Records for Henry Vincent and Dorcas Charke; compiled by Pamela Hutchison Garrett for John Markham of Chesterfield website; 2015.